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Britten & Bailey's #2 Tin

Britten & Bailey's #2 Tin



No. 2: Indulge in Moroccan roses, violet leaf grass, jasmine and patchouli with a touch of Mediterranean sea salt and Calabrian bergamot.

We not only make candles, we help you make your house a home. Transform your space into a beautiful garden, majestic forest or a serine beach escape by simply lighting a Britten & Bailey’s candle.

Our coconut wax blend candles are hand-poured with the very best fragrance in the industry. Our wax blend is odorless, which means we don’t have to use anything to cover the wax’s base odor (less additives) and it burns longer than other wax bases.

We optimize every candle system (wick, fragrance, vessel and wax) for the best burn possible to ensure the safety of use as well as the quality of the candle you are receiving.