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Wool Dryer Ball Set

Wool Dryer Ball Set


Ok ladies, have you ever seen such a thing? These are so cool. You get 3 Wool Dryer Balls and a lavender essential oil. Throw these in the dryer with your clothes and they will fluff them like never before and if you are tired of wrinkles, these little darlings will eliminate a lot of those wrinkles. Oh and the best part, your clothes will dry faster. You will NEVER need to buy a dryer sheet again. We will have the lavender refills soon or you can put your own essential oils on them. These wool balls will last forever but if you'd like more, just holler at us and we will get you taken care of.

-Shake well and spray on wool balls prior to each load of laundry.

-Fluffs clothes, dries faster, reduces wrinkles.